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Salona tīrītājs Soft99 Wash Mist 4l + Wash Mist 0,3l

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Īss apraksts

Set contains 4 litre canister and 300 ml bottle with sprayer.

Included in the scope of delivery:

Salona tīrītājs Soft99 Wash Mist 4 l
Salona tīrītājs Soft99 Wash Mist 300 ml


Is there a way to treat the whole car interior with just one product? Wash Mist proves so! It cleans and disinfects the surface, leaving neutral finish and subtle, fresh citrus aroma. Wash Mist has been thoroughly tested by JSDA (Japanese Soap & Detergent Association) in the field of antibacterial activity. It effectively removes the most common germs in the car - including E. coli or Staphylococcus aureus. Removes all fingerprints from LCD screens or glossy piano interior plastics. This compact bottle has been designed to fit in most of the cup holders. Wash Mist can be used on all surfaces inside the car, and remains completely safe for users. Even to wash your hands! Keep it always at hand to take care of your everyday environment on a regular basis. It is a real hot seller in its category, and an ultimate must-have for all car owners.

Set contains 4 litre canister and 300 ml bottle with sprayer.

Lietošanas pamācības

  1. Shake the bottle well.
  2. Spray the product onto the surface.
  3. Spread evenly using microfiber cloth or a brush.
  4. Wipe off remaining product and dry.


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Preces kods 10353+02182
Svars 4.5100
Ražotājvalsts Japāna

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