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Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 Green Line 250 ml

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Īss apraksts

VOC-free high-performance compound for maximum abrasion, without hazardous solvents, silicone-free.



Menzerna Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 Green Line is ultimate high performance cutting compound for automotive clear coats with maximum cutting effect featuring the latest technology. The polishing compound removes 1200 - 1500 grit sanding marks and sign of use in the shortest time without aggressive solvents. High performance finish thanks to the latest polishing technologies with diminishing abrasives.

The SHCC 300 belongs to Menzerna's Green Line program. It is volatile organic compounds (VOC) free, which makes it healthier and more comfortable working in professional automotive finishing and paintwork applications. It does no damage to the user's health.

  • Extremly high abrasion;
  • Extremly fast removal of sanding marks;
  • High yield;
  • Premium Polishing compounds;
  • No dust formation;
  • VOC-free in according with DIN EN ISO 11890-2;
  • Free from unpleasant solvent odors;
  • Easy to handle;
  • Silicone free.
  • Cut: 10/10
  • Gloss: 6/10

Lietošanas pamācības

Processing: rotary, orbital.

  1. Clean surface thoroughly prior to polishing.
  2. Shake the bottle prior to use and apply a small quantity of the product onto the polishing pad (a pea-sized drop is sufficient for an area measuring approx. 40 x 40 cm).
  3. Use the Menzerna Heavy Cut Foam Pad or Menzerna Lambs wool in the event of heavy signs of use. If using a new or dry pad, apply sufficient polish to prevent the formation of noticeable holograms.
  4. Use either a rotary or an orbital polishing machine and use the cross-coating method. Apply light pressure at the start of the polishing process. Take away the pressure in the final cycles and increase the speed of the polishing machine by 10%.
  5. If working on very dry coatings, spray a little water onto the surface to prevent dust formation.
  6. At first, the polish will seem a little milky and should be worked in until only a slightly transparent/oily film is visible.
  7. Once you have finished polishing, remove any residue with our Premium Microfiber cloth, without applying any pressure.
  8. Any signs of sanding and use have now been removed. For an exceptionally glossy finish, now apply a Menzerna Finish Polish.


Papildu Informācija

Ražotājs Menzerna
Preces kods 22201.281.001
EAN 4260063012167
Svars 0.2500
Izmēri / Tilpums 250 ml / pudele
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